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15 years of providing Integrated Corporate Communication Solutions

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We are passionate about our work and inspired by over 15 years of attained success

We are passionate about our work and inspired by over 15 years of attained success

Our Story

Leaders from the begining


Our Principles

Quality above all


Our Way

Always Professional


A reference name for the industry since 2003


The beginning

Serban & Musneci Associates (SMA) began in 2003, when Alex and Gemi Serban, two Romanian-born brothers who were raised and educated in the United States, founded their own consultancy. Known as Leaders Consulting International, the enterprise sought to become the top public affairs firm in Romania – and ultimately give back to Romania. In the following years, the company steadily developed its range of high-end corporate services while continuing to grow its portfolio of clients to include top multinationals in the areas of pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, FMCG, construction and energy.


A defining moment

Serban & Musneci Associates was born with the arrival of Roberto Musneci as new senior partner in March 2007. This was the moment when all our various capabilities came together, synergistically, to offer a complete, integrated communications package. Together, Alex Serban and Roberto Musneci form a powerhouse tandem, with deep expertise and access across all levels of politics, public institutions, mass media, civil society and the business community. Shortly, the company further grew its services and activity in such areas as public relation, reputation management, strategic research and analysis.

Our Principles


Our Mission is to help clients meet their business objectives through an integrated communications management process that combines the full spectrum of corporate communication and reputation management methods with the mindset of a strategic consultancy – complete with strategic planning and research and stakeholder analysis.


A Model of Integrated Communication.
Our goal is to set the standard for excellence among corporate communication firms in Romania – a standard based on offering top level integrated services, grounded in strategic planning and insight, respect for all stakeholders, and without compromising on integrity.


  • Integrity: We are honest and direct in our dealings and apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do.

  • Respect: We believe that respect is the foundation for our relationship with clients and their stakeholders, decision makers, as well as our own employees.

  • Excellence: We have committed ourselves to the highest levels of competence in our work.

  • Teamwork: We appreciate the different skills each one of our professionals offers and recognize that our strength lies in our ability to work together.

Our Way

We have successfully developed a solid reputation on the market and gained our clients’ appreciation by guiding our day to day activities and strategy on a three pillars approach of our business:


Through professionalism we refer not just to the common understanding of the term, which implies responsibility, courtesy and honesty in relation with those with whom we interact (be them stakeholders, clients, third parties). In our understanding and practice, as part of the professionalism concept we promote a unique mix of commitment and dedication, as well as a strive for excellence in every product and service we deliver to our clients. By not making any exception to this principle, by being permanently available for our clients and sharing with them our passion and enthusiasm, we have been able to constantly consolidate our portfolio and position as a recommended partner for corporate clients active on the local market. As a recognition of its focus on setting the highest standards of professionalism, Serban & Musneci Associates has gained the ISO 9001/2008 standard certification for the quality of the management system.


Everything we do is in full compliance with the highest ethical standards. Whether we refer to internal activities, or to the processes of communication with external audiences, such as clients, institutional/political clients, diplomatic, civic, media and business community representatives, we permanently guide ourselves so as to observe the best international practices and models regarding ethics. Furthermore, we have assumed an active role along the years in promoting the development of the Romanian lobbying industry on the fundament of ethics, and on values such as integrity and professionalism. SMA also enjoys TRACE International membership, (anti-bribery compliance), which was recently renewed.


Started as public affairs and lobbying company, Șerban & Musneci Associates has diversified along the years its range of services to be able to offer full strategic communication services and products. This evolution came as a natural process, nevertheless succeeding in addressing an everchanging market and the complex demands presented by it. Looking at every challenge as an opportunity, we have continuously shaped and personalized our services and developed our team capabilities in what it is today a highly effective integrated approach to communication.

The managing team

A powerhouse formed of the most reputable Public Affairs experts in Romania

Alex Serban
Alex SerbanSenior Partner
Over 16 years of experience in government relations and one of the top communication specialists and lobbyists in Romania. President of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Romania.
Roberto Musneci
Roberto MusneciSenior Partner
Over 25 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector in Eastern Europe, where he set up and ran a group of companies for a major pharmaceutical multinational.